Geodes Overview

Far from the everyday

Berliner play equipment uses a proven Framework system. All load-bearing elements are corrosion resistant. Tubes are zinc-epoxy treated and knots and straps for ropes and panels are made of naturally corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Berliner nets are designed to meet or exceed the current CAN/CSA Z614, ASTM F1487 and CPSC standards. Because they are European in origin, Berliner nets are also certified to the EN 1176 standard.

With a combination of rounded and linear structural beams and a complex inner structure of play ropes, Geodes take children far from their everyday play experience. Designed for the 5 to 12 user group.

Play on Geodes is responsive and every-changing. The movement and reactivity of rope play provides children with a play experience unlike any other while they develop core strength and balance.

Available in mini and mega sizes, Geodes fit park, school or childcare settings. For an all-encompassing play environment, Geodes can be attached to PlaySteel and Orbis play structures.

Geodes Models