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Only available in Canada.
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PlaySteel MAX Playgrounds and Playground Equipment


Greenville is a special product range that, through being enhanced by bamboo panels, speaks a natural design language all of its own. Individual models within the range can easily be combined.

PlaySteel FIT Playgrounds and Playground Equipment

Twist & Shout

The ingenious designers at Berliner Seilfabrik have come up with something new for the transition from rope to tube with Twist & Shout. The rope end disappears inside the curved steel tube with the aid of the patent-pending Charlotte connector and can be easily incorporated and adjusted.



Net structures offer hours of fun and adventure on several levels – climbing, rocking, hand-over-hand climbing and swinging, up and down, horizontally and vertically – space on earth. The original spatial nets: Born over 40 years ago as a play concept, continuously further developed in form and detail, still popular even after several generations. 16 nets in different geometrical shapes, sizes and supporting constructions form the planets in the spatial net universe.

Spooky Rookies

New products for climbing novices! Berliner’s latest products have been developed with crèches and nurseries as well as public playgrounds in mind. These products are especially geared to the needs of children from 0-3 years of age, fostering early motor and psychomotor development. As always, our cute “Spoo” and “Roo” playhouses can be supplied with a host of add-on components in various combinations. A number of play functions have already been incorporated – such as counters, mud table, tic-tac-toe and memory games.


The innovative space structure offers exciting play options never before experienced. Cosmo is a whole new round of fun in play equipment: The first totally round rope play structure has arrived. Apart from the basic system, Cosmo stands out due to its many freely selectable add-ons and diverse play activities. In addition to climbing nets and walls, a number of truly special features can be added all around, especially the “banister” with its double-curved tubes. This gives the Cosmo an advantage over several rounds compared to conventional climbing frames. In 2008, Cosmo received the prestigious “Red Dot” design award for excellent design quality.

Urban Design Berlin

Playground equipment as people know it was designed to look familiar. With URBAN DESIGN BERLIN, we chose another route as the design of our products uses colour and form in a non-representational way. The URBAN DESIGN BERLIN playopints do not depict objects in the natural world, but they depict real forms in a simplified and ather reduced way – keeping only an allusion of the original natural subject. And this is why they are called Spirelli, Dome and Orbit. This is extraordinary, stylish play equipment. This is equipment that goes beyond designated play areas.


Central mast play structures with a five-way tensioning system that offer plenty of room to play right to the top.


The combiNation is a clever combination of multiple product groups.

Combine all Berliner play structures with each other – the modular system of all products offers endless variety.

The Cube and Globe

A modern version of the Univers Series The Cube and The Gobe offer the same climbing, rocking, hand-over-hand climbing and swinging, up and down, horizontally and vertically –movements as other Univers models.


With the UFOs, children of all ages can explore play and climb galaxies where no children have gone before – for even more fun and adventure. The pentagonal Frameworx frame of stainless steel tubes – connected via hollow aluminum balls – surrounds a spatial net tensioned by means of a compression member construction. All fastening elements are safely housed inside the system balls. The rope crossing points are fixed by means of corrosion-resistant, drop forged aluminum sections (ball knots). The special spherical shape excludes entrapments and entanglements.

DNA Towers

DNA Towers consist of graceful towers containing three-dimensional climbing nets stretched inside external steel skeletons. A careful combination of curved and straight metal tubing results in a spiral resembling the structure of DNA. The DNA Towers have been deliberately designed to give an open and unencumbered feel. Depending on the height of the tower in question, narrow mesh netting provides the necessary safety. This results in a near see-through design.

Only Available in Canada through Henderson Recreation.

Henderson Recreation is proud to offer Berliner Seilfabrik all across Canada (except Quebec) however we can not offer Berliner Seilfabrik product to US customers. Please contact Berliner Seilfabrik direct.