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Henderson Playgrounds specializes in superior commercial playgrounds, accessible and inclusive playground designs, exciting and challenging freestanding play equipment.
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Municipal Parks & Recreations

Parks bring a multitude of benefits to our society. They offer a valuable service to a community, providing a meeting place for families and friends to interact and engage with one another outdoors. They contribute to physical health and are essential to the mental well-being of millions of Canadians. 85% of Canadians with a park ten-minutes from their home reported having visited it in the previous 12 months. This is especially true of Canadians living in urban areas, who rely on local parks as their only green space and outdoor play opportunity. We believe that parks are integral to bringing communities together.

At Henderson Playgrounds, we have been Putting Children First since 1971 by building and designing superior commercial playgrounds for all ages. It would be our pleasure to assist you in creating an enjoyable outdoor children’s playground that will serve your community for years to come. Our experienced team will consider your individual needs and budgetary requirements to help design an affordable, durable, and fun playground!

School Playgrounds

We all know that recess is one of the best times of the day! And the science is clear: children who are active during the day make better students. Ensure a happier and healthier school environment by adding a Henderson Playground to engage and excite young minds! We can work with your school to help you design an inclusive school playground that appeals to the diverse requirements and needs of your entire student body. 

Daycare Centres

For children who aren’t in school yet, play is crucial to developing their social, physical and emotional skills. A specially-designed play structure at your daycare centre or preschool offer’s children the opportunity to engage in imaginative play, push themselves to new physical challenges and work on their gross motor skills. 

Our Playtots Playgrounds offer both durability and value in a variety of colourful and attractive designs. Perfect for children under 5, Playtots are scaled to accommodate smaller users. Young children will be delighted by the ramp-like climbers, slides, bright colours, mirrors and peek-a-boo spots! Our team is eager to work with your daycare centre to create an imaginative playscape that will excite and delight preschoolers and caregivers alike. 

Faith-Based Centres

Whether it be a church, synagogue or mosque, a faith-based centre is often the cornerstone of the local community and integral to a child’s spiritual and overall development. Enrich the experience of your congregation by installing a playground designed to bring joy and laughter to the families who attend your worship centre.

Custom and Themed Play

Are you looking for a unique play experience? Henderson Playgrounds is your premier playground resource for museum-quality dinosaur digs and nature-inspired climbing boulders and rocks. For the next generation of budding paleontologists, our explorative dinosaur playgrounds are truly ROAR-some! We cast our digs from real-life dinosaur bones, offering a scientifically accurate museum-quality play experience. 

If you’re searching for something specific, do not hesitate to let us know. We would be thrilled to customise and build a one-of-a-kind playscape just for you! Choose from exciting and challenging freestanding play equipment, unique climbing nets, zip lines, rope climbing towers, and 3-dimensional climbing play structures. The only limit is your imagination!

Inclusive Playgrounds

We believe that inclusivity is the key to raising thoughtful and compassionate children who can play in harmony side by side. Every child should have the right to play. So we strive to make our playgrounds accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. Our inclusive playgrounds are thoughtfully created to engage children of all physical and social abilities to break down exclusion barriers. We have designed many play structures to be physically accessible and sensory-rich for children, both with and without disabilities. 

HOA and Condo Boards

Strengthen the sense of community in your housing association, apartment community or neighbourhood by adding a Henderson Playground! We specialise in traditional play equipment, including multi-user basket style swings, vandal-resistant belts, baby swings, and parent-child swings, making our playground the perfect choice for a multi-generational family play experience.

Campgrounds and Resorts

Give your guests a vacation to remember by installing a Henderson Playground! With our accessible and inclusive playground designs, we can create a playground for your campground or resort to appeal to children of all ages and abilities. Please choose from our extensive range of freestanding play equipment, monkey bars, swing sets and nature-inspired play to elevate your guests’ holiday experience and guarantee a return visit!

Are you looking for something different? Henderson Playgrounds is proud to present the world’s premier rope play equipment for Berliner Seilfabrik. World-renowned and award-winning designs make Berliner Seilfabrik rope play products superior to any other brand. Rope play encourages children to swing, play, and balance and tests their physical strength limits in a unique and challenging way. 

Service Groups, i.e. Rotary, Kiwanis, Kinsmen, Lions

Service groups exist to provide charitable services, offer business growth opportunities and help others less fortunate. A Henderson commercial playground is the perfect addition to your service group or rotary club’s local park. Giving the children of your community a place to play, explore and create lasting memories! You could also accentuate your playground with outdoor fitness courses, park furnishings, and shelters. Providing more valuable services yet to your community and creating an inclusive environment that benefits all generations. 

Indigenous and First Nations

Are you looking to add an outdoor playground to your Indigenous community? Our professional playground representatives honour the opportunity to consult with you to create an entertaining and engaging playground. A playground that will serve to introduce or reconnect children to the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous and First Nations peoples across Canada. 

From nature-inspired play equipment to custom designed play structures, rope play products and commercial swing sets, we are confident we have the play products for you. Our play equipment is durable and affordable and is guaranteed to provide hours of fun to Indigenous and First Nations children and generations of all ages!