Dinosaur Climbers

One of the most popular climbers from Exploration Playgrounds. This is a climbable museum piece in a public place. Children will be amazed! Dimensions – 9′-11″ long (2.0m), 4′-8″ wide (0.4m) 3′-10″ tall (0.7m) Model No. CC034

Want to climb on the head of the most famous dinosaur in the world? If you don’t your children will want to for sure! This T-Rex skull was created using casts from molds taken from the original fossil of the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman Montana. The Specimen is known as MOZ R 555. […]

How cool is this? We are as amazed as you are. We wish the Triceratops Climber was available when we were kids. Dimensions – 8′ long (2.4m), 5′ wide (1.5m) , 5′-7″ tall (1.7m) Model No. CC043

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