Accessible step up to allow access from ground to elevated play components. Deck Heights: 1,2ft (0.3,0.6m)

Wheelchair accessible designed Buddy Buggy attaches to a deck to allow children to wheel up and pretend to drive away with friends.

A special needs access point for children and caregivers. Available in 12″, 24″, 32″ and 48″ sizes.

For use at ground level or between decks. Deck Heights: 3,4,5,6ft (0.9,1.2,1.5,1.8m)

Non-skid plastic steps with side rails for stability. Deck Heights: 3,4,5,6,7ft (0.9,1.2,1.5,1.8,2.1m)

The Stump Transfer can be used as a climber, bench or ADA transfer point to a point on PlaySteel MAX or PlaySteel Fit. Dimensions – 4′-5″ long (1.3m), 4′ wide (1.2m) 23″ tall (0.6m)

Short steps help kids get from a wheelchair to the play area. Deck Heights: 2,3,4,5ft (0.6,0.9,1.2,1.5m)

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