A great low cost way to functionally link different play events on a composite playground or play equipment. Children enjoy hopping along the top of these log steppers.

Connects two decks at the same height.

An alternating climbing event that is most often used low to the ground.

Links two decks separated by a 1′ (610mm) variance or links deck to ground.

A curved version of our popular balance builder. Also available freestanding or adjoining a play structure.

Links two decks separated by a 1′ (305mm) variance.

All the fun of the climber for use between decks. Links two decks separated by a 4′ (1219mm) variance.

Versatile component connects deck-to-deck and ground-to-deck.

Four HDPE disks with rings for traction provide a fun way to elevate children up two feet to the next level deck.

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