Connects two decks at same height with a 45° bridge.

Accessible step up to allow access from ground to elevated play components. Deck Heights: 1,2ft (0.3,0.6m)

Rotate the power generation wheel and let the shape and color game begin. Play with your friends to see how many you get right before the time runs out. No batteries required.

Wheelchair accessible designed Buddy Buggy attaches to a deck to allow children to wheel up and pretend to drive away with friends.

Rotate the power generation wheel and then crank out your best guitar rifts on this musical electronic play panel. No batteries required.

Wheelchair-accessible periscope or ground level access panel.

Age: 5 to 12
Play Events: 24
Kid Capacity: 84
Use Zone: 49' x 43' (14.9 x 13.1m)
ADA / Annex H: Yes
ASTM F1487: Yes
CAN/CSA-Z614: Yes
CPSC Pub.325: Yes

A freestanding inclusive sensory panel that allows children to engage their senses through movement, tracing, sound and more.

Kids love to play in the sand and this large sandbox gives children the space required to play together. Includes a support bar to transfer into the sandbox for children with disabilities. A roof can be added to this sandbox as well to provide shade.

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