Our base design, the Cubist climber can be used alone, as a linking feature or part of a larger cluster of Cubist climbers.

Three individual twisting climbers will challenge children to navigate to the top of our Cubist 3 climber. Freestanding, linked, or part of a cluster, this climber is sure to be a hit.

Our most challenging Cubist, four individual twisting climbers will challenge children to navigate to the top. Can be used as a free standing climber or used in a cluster with other Cubist climbers.

A versatile and challenging climbing wall that children can traverse on both sides. A single Double Wave Wall includes only two panels. The above play event has two Double Wave Walls attached together.

This challenging climber offer a side to side climbing motion to make it to the deck. Deck Heights: 4,5,6,7ft (1.2, 1.5,1.8,2.1m)

Climb to the top of this chain reaction molecule climber.

A fun PlayFort version of the classic rappel wall climber. Combine with other PlayFort products to create a playground that looks like kids made it. Deck Heights: 5ft (1.5m)

Model No. SA-TE058-01 Best User Age: 5 to 12 Use Zone: 17′ x 16′ (5.2m x 4.9m) We’ve turned the popular Transporter climber into a jungle. Multiple ways up and down and all round will make this new climber a ton of fun for kids. Combine together to create a large cluster forest to climb […]

UFO and space themed climber provides a fun and challenging vertical climbing wall.

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