Dinosaur Digs

Another famous meat-eater the Allosaurus meaning “different lizard” roamed the earth 155-145 million years ago. Some paleontologists believe that they may have attacked in packs like wolves of today. Children can pretend to be a paleontologist and discover this amazing Allosaurus buried under sand. Dimensions – 31′-4″ long (9.6m), 8′-3″ wide (2.5m) Model No. CC030

The Ankylosaurus was an armored tank kind of dinosaur that lived 68-66 million years ago. To date, a complete skeleton has not been found but kids can dig up some of the bones that have been discovered. Dimensions – 5′-8″ long (1.7m), 4′-4″ wide (1.3m) Model No. CC039

The Coelophysis Dig is a smaller dinosaur dig easily suitable for any sand pit or even sand box near a playground or on its own. Dimensions – 78″ long (2.0m), 36″ wide (0.9m) 3″ tall (76.2mm)

The mastodon is huge, divided into three sections children can dig up various parts of its bone accurate skeleton. Exciting, fun, and educational. Dimensions – 23′-5″ long (7.1m), 6′-5″ wide (1.96m) 12″ tall (0.3m) (Only Head & Tusk Shown)    

The Pachycephalosaurus means “thick-headed lizard.” It roamed earth in the late Cretaceous Period 70-66 million years ago.  Children will love to dig up this “thick-headed lizard.” Dimensions – 3′-11″ long (1.2m), 2′-11″ wide (0.9m) Model No. CC032

The Parksosaurus was a plant-eater that lived 65-68 million years ago in the late Cretaceous period. Dimensions – 9′-4″ long (2.8m), 3′-5″ wide (1.0m) Model No. CC041

The Protoceratops was a plant-eater that roamed earth 83 to 70 million years ago. Children can dig up this Protoceratops molded of actual fossils. Dimensions – 6′ long (1.8m), 3′-11″ wide (1.2m) Model No. CC033  

The Saurornitholestes was fast and agile meat-eater that lived 80 to 70 million years ago. Saurornitholestes means “lizard-bird thief” because its skull had physical similarities to modern birds. Dimensions – 3′-6″ long (1.1m), 2′ wide (0.61m) Model No. CC035

A scientifically accurate cast of a Stegosaurus. This life-size dig will amaze kids as they slowly uncover the bones. Bury it again and delight other children in unearthing this huge Stegosaurus. Dated 150-145 million years ago. Dimensions – 29′-6″ long (9.0m), 9′-6″ wide (2.9m) Model No. CC036

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