Nature Inspired

One of the most popular climbers from Exploration Playgrounds. This is a climbable museum piece in a public place. Children will be amazed! Dimensions – 9′-11″ long (2.0m), 4′-8″ wide (0.4m) 3′-10″ tall (0.7m) Model No. CC034

This great Castle Rock climber can be used as a freestanding play event or it can be used to access 48″ deck heights on PlaySteel MAX or FIT. Dimensions – 9′-2″ long (2.8m), 6′-3″ wide (1.9m) 8′-5″ tall (2.6m)

What’s better than climbing on a log? Climbing through one! The hollow log provides a 360° climbing experience. A must for any nature inspired playground environment. Dimensions – 60″ long (1.5m), 42″ diameter (1.1m) Model No. CC045

Cross the fallen log to explore areas with dinosaur digs. A fun climber with many creative possibilities. Dimensions – 6′-4″ long (1.9m), 3′-4″ wide (1.0m) 2′-5″ tall (0.74m) Model No. CC046

After a hard day playing on the playground or just running around, kids and adults too will enjoy relaxing on this new Log Bench. Dimensions – 6′-6″ long (2.0m), 1′-4″ wide (0.4m) 2′-4″ tall (0.7m)

Log Steppers are an essential natural play element that children love to traverse. Use them as an access climber to playgrounds or freestanding. Also sold separately: Model No. CC053 Large Model No. CC053 Medium Model No. CC054 Small

Rattlesnakes like hiding out in rock crevices. Good thing there are none in this fun,  a Dimensions – 7′-11″ long (2.4m), 4′-2″ wide (1.3m) 4′-2″ tall (1.3m)

The Stump Transfer can be used as a climber, bench or ADA transfer point to a point on PlaySteel MAX or PlaySteel Fit. Dimensions – 4′-5″ long (1.3m), 4′ wide (1.2m) 23″ tall (0.6m)

What’s better than a rock or tree climber? A Tree Rock climber that combines the best of both features of nature inspired play. Dimensions – 6′-8″ long (2.0m), 6′-3″ wide (1.9m) 7′-1″ tall (2.2m)

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