Post Add-Ons

A steering wheel with a challenging marble game inside. Balance all three balls and win. Attaches to any post.

A playground game for two players. Children spin the dial then move their markers. The first player to 5 wins the game. Attaches to any post.

Makes mechanics fun for children with three spinning gears. Attaches to any post.

Fun little mirrors so kids can make goofy faces.

A sturdy, HDPE ship steering wheel. Attach this popular activity to any post.

Drum out a musical note on this drum panel. A great addition to any support posts for ground level activities.

Weave the stainless metal ball through the maze wheel. A fun and difficult maze challenge.

Play a tune and learn music on this interactive musical touch sensitive Piano panel. Touching the stainless metal pads produces a musical note. Battery operated. Easy to maintain.

This popular activity can be attached to any post. An early childhood favorite.

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