Rock Climbers

This great Castle Rock climber can be used as a freestanding play event or it can be used to access 48″ deck heights on PlaySteel MAX or FIT. Dimensions – 9′-2″ long (2.8m), 6′-3″ wide (1.9m) 8′-5″ tall (2.6m)

What’s better than climbing on a log? Climbing through one! The hollow log provides a 360° climbing experience. A must for any nature inspired playground environment. Dimensions – 60″ long (1.5m), 42″ diameter (1.1m) Model No. CC045

The twisting flowing shape of the Lava Rock Climber provides an extra climbing challenge children will enjoy conquering.

Rattlesnakes like hiding out in rock crevices. Good thing there are none in this fun,  a Dimensions – 7′-11″ long (2.4m), 4′-2″ wide (1.3m) 4′-2″ tall (1.3m)

Our plastic Ridge Rock Climber offers a great rock climbing experience at a fraction of the cost of real concrete rock climbing events.

The Ridge Rock Climber can be attached to a post as a freestanding component or as climbing event on a composite structure.

The Stump Transfer can be used as a climber, bench or ADA transfer point to a point on PlaySteel MAX or PlaySteel Fit. Dimensions – 4′-5″ long (1.3m), 4′ wide (1.2m) 23″ tall (0.6m)

What’s better than a rock or tree climber? A Tree Rock climber that combines the best of both features of nature inspired play. Dimensions – 6′-8″ long (2.0m), 6′-3″ wide (1.9m) 7′-1″ tall (2.2m)

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