Children will love this fun Farm and Sand Play Area. No resilient surfacing is required so this is a perfect addition to any Childcare facility with limited space. Include a sand play table with holes to clear the sand. Model No. SC001

A nature themed HDPE play roof, offering partial shade.

Children can pretend they are flying their friends or family all around the islands. Model No. SA-TE068 Best User Age: 2 to 5 Use Zone: 21′ x 24′ (6.4 x 7.3m)

A distinct looking play roof with a child’s PlayFort design.

A fun PlayFort version of the classic rappel wall climber. Combine with other PlayFort products to create a playground that looks like kids made it. Deck Heights: 5ft (1.5m)

Steering wheel makes a great addition to PlayFort theme.

Age: 5 to 12
Play Events: 15
Kid Capacity: 52
Use Zone: 40' x 45' (12.2x 13.7m)
ADA / Annex H: Yes
ASTM F1487: Yes
CAN/CSA-Z614: Yes
CPSC Pub.325: Yes

One of the most popular climbers from Exploration Playgrounds. This is a climbable museum piece in a public place. Children will be amazed! Dimensions – 9′-11″ long (2.0m), 4′-8″ wide (0.4m) 3′-10″ tall (0.7m) Model No. CC034

With controls for pilot and co-pilot. Double-sided with an airplane image on reverse.

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