Wheelchair Accessible

Age: 5 to 12
Play Events: 46
Kid Capacity: 110
Use Zone: 72' x 43' (22 x 13.1m)
ADA / Annex H: Yes
ASTM F1487: Yes
CAN/CSA-Z614: Yes
CPSC Pub.325: Yes

Age: 5 to 12
Play Events: 65
Kid Capacity: 176
Use Zone: 65' x 80' (19.8 x 24.4m)
ASTM F1487: Yes
CAN/CSA-Z614: Yes
CPSC Pub.325: Yes
ADA / Annex H: Wheelchair Accessible but not 100% compliant with ADA and Annex H. Some modifications required.

Wheelchair accessible, this sand table is a great addition to any accessible playground route. Kids can discover the hidden dinosaur skeleton beneath the sand. *sand not included.

Steering wheel doubles as a challenging marble maze.

Includes two sets of controls for friendly co-pilots. Wheelchair-accessible at ground level.

An accessible and mini version of our full size  chalk panel.

A smaller version of our clock panel, complete with moving hands and an adjustable digital-style clock.

Steering wheel makes a great addition to playships and nautical themes.

With ten sliding beads and five spinning dials to work out simple math problems. Wheelchair-accessible at ground level.

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