In current times, adults and children alike are stuck to smartphones, computers and video games. Especially children, who should spend time playing outdoors for their development, are getting affected by this. They are losing touch with nature. They stress their eyes, brains, and neck muscles by playing on screens most of the time. Hence, it is increasingly important for us to keep our children close to nature and make sure they interact with and play in nature. We need playground equipment that is inspired from nature or resemble natural elements.

One such equipment is rock climbing play structure. Playground climbers have always been a hit with children. Kids love to climb, make their way around climbers, sit and relax on the top of these structures.

Rock climbers also prove beneficial to children in these ways:

  • Strengthen and tone muscles: Rock climbing requires several muscles to be engaged. It helps tone forearms, biceps, abs, shoulder, traps, calves while improving children’s grip.
  • Increase flexibility: Rock climbing requires flexibility as the climber needs to reach, leap and climb to handholds and footholds.
  • Reduce stress: Rock climbing reduces stress by increasing levels of noradrenaline, a neurotransmitter in the body that aids in releasing stress. Climbers become consumed in the activity of reaching, climbing and leaping, creating a sense of ecstasy.
  • Burn calories: Climbing is a fun way to burn calories as it demands constant work from the body.
  • Conquer fears: Fear of heights is one of the most commonly held fears among most people. Rock climbing is a great way to conquer this fear. Children can climb heights of their comfort level and overcome their fear. This helps build confidence and self-esteem.

Let’s look at some rock climbing playground equipment:

  • Utah Climber: The Utah Climber was cast from a real rock in Utah. It provides a real rock like climbing experience. It is fun and it keeps children close to nature.
  • Castle Rock: This castle-like rock climber looks like a natural rock structure. It can be a freestanding play event or it can be fitted to access deck heights on modular playgrounds.
  • Tree Rock: This climber combines a tree and a rock. This is as close to nature as you can get with playground equipment. Children would learn to appreciate nature after playing with the Tree Rock.
  • Lava Rock Climbers: There are variations to this climber – 1-way, 3-way and 4-way. They offer the mentioned number of rock pathways up and down, respectively. These are fun and challenging play events as they offer the ability to climb around to the other climbers.
  • Double Ridge Rock Climber: This comprises two Ridge Rock Climbers combined to create a big and challenging play event.
  • Bedrock Climber: This is a rotational-molded rock climber that provides a challenging arched climb to the deck.

Rock climbers are a great way to keep children close to Mother Nature. To explore and find a rock climbing play structure for your little cubs, contact Henderson Recreation. We’d help you from furnishing details to installation.